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About United Township High School

United Township School, District #30, is located at:
1275 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, Illinois 61244-4100
Phone: 309-752-1633 // Fax: 309-752-1608

About the Class of 1987

The UTHS Class of 1987 graduated with commencement ceremonies on Sunday, June 7th, 1987 at Soule Bowl stadium in East Moline, Illinois. There was a concert processional, led by Band Director David MacCabee. The invocation was given by Reverend Jack A. Talmage. Music continued, as Choir Director G. Donald Dyer conducted singers Brian Stone, William "Whistle" Jones, Marcia Talbot, Rodrigo Tapia, Karen Berry, and Melissa Brown and accompanist Sharon Brown on "Claim a Dream" by Lloyd Larson. Our senior speakers were Nancy Wara (valedictorian) and Melissa Manwaring (salutatorian). The class was then presented by Mr. Frank H. Evans, Superintendent and introduced by Mr. Gordon Cornelius, South Campus Principal. Diplomas were awarded by the school board. The ceremony ended with a recessional, again led by UTHS Concert Band Director David MacCabee. The audience was forced to remain in their seats in the stadium while the 496 or so members of the Class of 1987 meandered their way off the field. It was a riot. No one was killed or maimed, as far as we know. Except maybe the Junior Marshalls: Pat Wendt, Denise Fisher, Brent Pegracke, and Jana Liedtke. Has anybody seen those people since graduation!?

Our class motto was "To be what we are; and to become what we are capable of becoming; is the only end of life." Yes, it's both clumsy and morbid. We'd love to have someone to blame. Contact us if you can help!

Our class flower was a white rose. Not just "a" white rose, but, you know, white roses in general. Probably spray painted black and orange. Our class colors were aqua and white, for some equally strange reason. No wonder our class officers are in hiding.

Our senior class officers were President Peter Scritsmier, Vice President Amy Goebel, Secretary Dawn Gingry, and Treasurer Melissa Manwaring. Our Student Council officers were President Tremier "Binky" Johnson, Vice-President Brian Gonzales, Secretary Tracy Vyncke, and Treasurer Edna Peņa. Our Homecoming Queen and King were Kelly Hutchinson and Binky Johnson, respectively, as shown in the photograph above.

UTHS Class of 1987